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The Best Homeschool Mom Christmas Gift!

12 Days of Christmas Bundle

~~Dec 14 – 25, 2022~

A new gift is added every day to the bundle!  

You’ll get all 12 no matter when you buy…
…but the sooner you purchase, the more $ you save!

Upset mother with hands on head among mischievous little girls

The things homeschool moms want...

The 12 Days of Christmas Bundle
for Homeschool Moms

12 goodies every day just for YOU!  
Specially bundled to help you have more time, energy, sleep, order, better relationships, humor and happy kids!  (Most are new / never seen before!)

DAY 1 - Dec 14

The Hero Builder
Online Course
37 videos + workbook

$297 value – *NEW*

DAY 2 - Dec 15

The Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Getting Better Sleep eBook

$17 value – *UPDATED*

DAY 3 - Dec 16

How to get Everything Done Digital Bundle
eBook, Audiobook, Videos

$17 value

DAY 4 - Dec 17

Mom Reminder Stickers mailed to you
+ Digital printable sign set

$27 value – *NEW*

DAY 5 - Dec 18

Dinner on the Table!
  Meal planning course + System 

$27 value – *UPDATED*

DAY 6 - Dec 19

The Safe Tech Challenge  Course in a PDF  Producers, not Consumers

$27 value – *NEW*

DAY 7 - Dec 20

The 7 Minute Morning Home reset
course + templates

$27 value – *NEW*

DAY 8 - Dec 21

The New Year’s Eve Family Party Print-n-go Pack   Super Easy Party!!

$27 value – *NEW*

DAY 9 - Dec 22

Kindness Daily Pack
Kindness daily ebook
plus Challenge printables

$27 value – *half NEW*

DAY 10 - Dec 23

The Humorous Homeschool Mom Celebration Sticker Pack

$27 value – *NEW*

DAY 11 - Dec 24

Homeschool Life Hacks Workshops + PDF Systems workbook

$97 value

DAY 12 - Dec 25

$50 Building Bucks!
Spend on almost anything at Building Heroes

$50 value

Dec 27-28 - FLASH SALE!
Get all 12 days for just $77

while supplies last, only 50 total available!


You’ll get all 12 days of goodies!   You won’t know what all 12 are until the 12th day, but it’ll be worth it!  And the sooner you buy, the more you say.  

Yes!   Most of the products are digital, but at least one is physical and will be sent to you! 

You’ll receive access to your digital bundle on the day after Christmas (or after if you ordered it after Christmas.)  It is a Christmas present!    Physical item(s) will arrive within 7 days of Christmas (if not sooner!)   

I reveal 1 new goodie every day!   Why?  Because surprises are so fun!  Especially if you decide to pick this up for yourself. 🙂 

By Christmas, you’ll be able to see all 12 goodies!     

Nope, you don’t usually get curriculum for a gift, right?  

Virtually everything I teach is based on the hero journey.  In the hero journey, a main aspect is that often a “higher power” helps the hero on the journey. No particular religion is referenced, however, there may be mentions of God or a higher power as you wish.  For the most part, this is not a religious bundle.  

With the mom-to-mom 14-day guarantee you can get your money back for any reason, provided you haven’t downloaded any of the content! Just send us an email letting us know what didn’t work for you and your receipt and we will refund your money.   

For the first three days it’s $67, then it goes up by $10 every three days.   It maxes out at $107, and you can get that price until Dec 28. 

Days 1-3 (12/14-16) – $67
Days 4-6 (12/17-19) – $77 
Days 7-9 (12/20-22)- $87
Days 10-12 (12/23-25)- $97 
After Christmas (12/26-28) $107 

Because there is at least 1 physical item in the bundle, and we only have 50 of them!  

Depositphotos_79543324_XL (1)

14-Day Mom-to-Mom Money Back Guarantee​

You and your kids will enjoy learning about character as they start to see themselves as heroes!

The best part is, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the curriculum, the extras, or the bonuses within 14 days, we will offer you a full refund for any reason! 

Sign up today, and take a full 14 days to explore the Character Training Toolkit and bonuses, and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

Get the 12 Days of Christmas Bundle Today!

Includes all 12 fun goodies just for Homeschool Moms!  – a $634 value, get it for 90% off!


Get ALL 12 days of Christmas Bundle today!

Just $77!

until Dec 28, 11:59pm PST!
After that, this bundle will no longer be available.

Hi, I'm Molly, 22+ year homeschool mom of 7

Like you, there are a few things I can think of to ask for Christmas. 

But mostly, what I really want is more time, more energy, more sleep, more order, more happiness and joy in my home! 

I get how hard homeschool life can be, with all the things we have to manage!   

I don’t really need more “things”, and for the most part, you probably don’t either.   

That’s why I decided to put this bundle together so you could get that for Christmas!  

 (Sometimes, you may have to buy yourself a little something for Christmas to get what you really want.  And that’s ok!) 


I hope you get what you want for Christmas!  

If you've still got questions for us or want to chat, please email us anytime!