Biggest Mistake Homeschool Moms Make With Curriculum

This is a mistake I see a lot of homeschool parents do.  I started out this way too! It’s something you probably something you never even thought of, but it could be creating a lot of extra stress in your homeschool.  

When you buy a curriculum, you’re excited to use it.  But what happens is you start feeling like you have to do exactly what it says and get it done in the timeframe the curriculum dictates.

Rather than using the curriculum as a tool to create awesome learning experiences in your home, you let the curriculum drive your actions. But that’s backwards. 

How do you flip that?  

In this video, I explain how to use your curriculum so it’s your helpful tool, not your stressful master!  

You CAN love using curriculum in your homeschool!  

Molly Christensen

Molly Christensen

Molly Christensen is a joyful mother of 7 amazing children. She has founded multiple homeschool co-ops, written mounds of curriculum, taught classes to youth & adults. She loves teaching others a principle based method to educate and raise leaders in your home. She is passionate about sharing her love of learning and encouraging others on their journeys to greatness!

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