Building Bucks Terms of Use

Updated 2/22/23

Building Bucks are like bonus vouchers you can spend at Building Heroes at Home!   

  • Your Building Bucks is good for credit at Building Heroes at Home for 6 months after you earn it.  It expires at midnight PST on the day it expires.   
  • You can use your Building Bucks towards something bigger, or you can get lots of different little things.  
  • If you get more building bucks, you can combine your bucks.  
  • You can apply your bucks to regular or sale priced items.
  • It can’t be applied retroactively, you must apply your credit BEFORE purchasing.
  • It is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Included:  Products offered on this website, including group programs and 1:1 coaching.  
  • Excluded:  Membership payments (but using it on the first month’s payment or a yearly payment for a membership is fine) and the Building Heroes Etsy store, products on Amazon or BHAH products offered by others, or any any 3rd party/affiliate offers promoted by BHAH.    
  • Building Bucks are offered as bonuses or sometimes you can purchase building bucks at a discount.   

How to Redeem

  • If you want to spend some or all of your credit, email me at and I’ll either give you a coupon to use, or give you access. 
  • If you’d like to know how much you have left at any time, or the expiration date, just email.   Include any email addresses you think you may have earned bucks for.   
  • Everything is tracked manually by me, which is why you have to email.   
  • I’ll send you an email with a reminder about your credit 30-60 days before it expires, but it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you redeem it on time.
  • Expiration dates will not be extended.   However, extenuating circumstances may be considered.    
  • If you purchased anything on a payment plan, and you get behind, the building bucks will be applied until you are caught up.  After that if your payments are paid, you will not have access. 
  • Contact me if you’ve got any questions.