Hey Homeschool Mamas! 

What if you could happily homeschool all the kids in less than an hour a day?

SECRET: Most Homeschool Curriculum Focuses

You want to do a great job homeschooling the kids, BUT...

Your curriculum should be a tool to help you create a homeschool you LOVE!
It should NOT create power struggles!

No one ever told you how to homeschool or that most curriculum doesn’t give kids what they really need to be successful in life.

There are 3 big problems with most homeschool curriculum on the market today.


Most homeschool curriculum is developed for the classroom, and it doesn’t work well at home!


Traditional curriculum focuses on regurgitating info, not helping kids make connections to themselves!


Workbooks & textbooks prepare you for the test. But neuroscience says there are better ways to learn!

Hi, I'm Molly,
homeschool mom of 7!

I know what it feels like to want so badly to homeschool your kids well, but none of the things you try seem to work…  

Then you settle for passable, but in the back of your mind, you still feel like you’re failing your kids…  

After pretty much trying ALL the things, I finally realized I was focusing on the wrong thing, because the curriculum was.

It was focusing on filling their heads with knowledge that didn’t have any purpose or connection to the kids.  It was more about checking off the boxes than it was about connecting with the child to help them learn and grow.


I realized that when we focus on learning together, creating an environment of learning, spark interests in our kids and help our kids know who they are and find their own individual path, homeschool becomes EXCITING!


What if I told you there was a better way?

What if you could have the homeschool you’ve always wanted
 AND still have time for all the other things?
No more nagging
or power struggles.
No more
feeling like you’re not
doing enough.
No more spending the entire day on homeschool.

Hear from other
homeschool moms...

The Building Heroes Curriculum

Everything you need to homeschool all the kids in your happy, successful homeschool in just an hour a day, while covering all the academic basics and teaching character!

Love your Homeschool!

This enjoyable and fun system that requires zero prep time gives you the framework to create the homeschool experience you dream of.
Love Learning

You and the kids will enjoy homeschool. It’s character and story based, so it’s interesting and relevant

More Time

Cover all the basic academics in just an hour a day with the kids so you both have more time!

Happier Home

You’ll feel like successful in  homeschool, the kids don’t have to be nagged, and  you’ll feel more freedom!

Are you ready to LOVE your homeschool?

let's go with yes!

What is included?

Maybe you’re thinking this sounds great!
But what does it really look like? 
How does it work?


Everything is history-based and connected by the character trait and principle of the month, it’s EASY to help your children begin to think about how this knowledge applies to themselves and to see patterns and learn to think clearly.  Plus they will LOVE it and you will too!

*Coordinates with The Character Training Toolkit



In each unit, you’ll find a specially curated family read-aloud book suggestion with discussion questions on themes and principles, poetry study connected to the character trait, a year project to work on, and short lessons on grammar, writing and literature which include fun games and activities.



You’ve never seen a math curriculum like this before.  Did you know math was created as a search for truth?  When you learn the stories and WHY, math becomes fascinating.  Children will play games, make crafts, study arts & music and keep a math discovery notebook.  They won’t even realize they are learning math and they will love it.  When ready, introduce them to math calculation skills practice.  



Science is also approached from a historical perspective, as science and math go hand-in-hand as a search for truth.  Each unit includes scientific topics and focus on famous scientists as well as real learning hands-on activities, nature day and nature sketching.



Each unit focuses on a historical hero who exemplifies the character trait and principle being highlighted.  Learn the stories about the hero, historical background, real-life applications, geography, how people lived, and literature and arts of the time.  Hands on activities, classic read alouds, online resources all help children love history!



You don’t have to be a homeschool teacher, but rather a homeschool GUIDE.   We help support you in showing how this reframe helps you homeschool simply and confidently!   Get accountability and make progress as we help you on your homeschool journey so you can guide your kids on theirs!

Get these bonuses too!

When you purchase now, you’ll also get these amazing bonuses to help you support you on your homeschool journey!  LIMITED TIME OFFER!  These bonuses could change at any time.


More than just a curriculum, you need support to create your homeschool and home, since homeschool is LIFE.


Reg $81!


Get printable resources such as timeline, classification chart, personal history journal, minute math facts practice and more!


Reg $115!


We’ve curated videos, websites, extra activities to enrich your family’s learning, which you can access in a vault (no distractions!) 


$297 Value!
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Get started on the path to loving your homeschool TODAY!

We Love This Curriculum

14-Day Mom to Mom Money Back Guarantee

You can make this work for you and create the homeschool you’ve always wanted! But the best part is… you don’t even have to believe it.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the curriculum, the extras, or the bonuses within 14 days, we will offer you a full refund for any reason!

You can sign up today, and you don’t even have to decide if you are in it for good! Take a full 14 days to explore the Building Heroes Academics Curriculum and bonuses, and experience the feeling of our community of hero builders, and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

And just so we're clear...
(Because we don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Watch a 5 minute overview here!

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

There IS nothing else like this.  Look at this as the curriculum you use to build a strong foundation for your kids.  It is family-style, character/principle based so that it makes all the academic knowledge relevant to you and your kids.   Plus you get support and community for 3 months when you activate the hero journey membership.

Your purchase includes everything you need to cover the elementary topics family-style except a few things:

(1) Read aloud books, which you can purchase or get at the library

(2) Books that are suggested in each subject and unit (optional, only listed if you want to learn more, most people getthem at the library)

(3) While we don’t have a complete reading program, 

(3) Reading Program.  We have learning to read tips, but manay also like to purchase our favorite program, “How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

(4) Basic household crafts/supplies that you probably already own, such as pencils, construction paper, glue sticks, etc.

You can homeschool your kids using ONLY this program. Think of BHA as your family foundational learning time. But many moms like to add in other curricula or subjects, which is great if you’ve got the time and resources! If all you can do is just BHA, you’re covered!

When we created this curriculum, we read all the common core standards. The topics in the standards are all things that are nice for kids to know.  We took all the standards for K-6, and found that we could learn all the topics in an hour a day!

But because this is family style, the grade level standards may not be taught at a certain age. All the standards will be covered, but not necessarily WHEN the standards dictate it to be taught. You decide if that matters to you or not.

The whole curriculum is based on the idea of the hero journey, which is a pattern for our own lives. As you understand the hero journey and how it applies to you, it makes the knowledge you are learning relevant.

Each month features heroes, and heroes are carefully selected from all walks of life.

It is not specifically religious but religion is included because it’s such an important part of history. There is no preference for one religion. You may include your religious beliefs easily as you discuss what people believed and compare it to your beliefs.

In science and math, different stories of how the world came to be are presented as stories told by the ancient people and theories by modern ones, so you’ll learn about various creation stories and more modern theories such as the big bang theory.

At the beginning, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with how the program works. And you’ll need to set up your timeline and classification chart for year 1. 

On a day-to-day basis, you can almost always pull the book out and go! Most all of the activities only require basic household supplies that you’re likely to already have available (and we also include a list of supplies to keep on hand.) You will need to get the read aloud books, one per unit (about 1 per month.)

Above and beyond that, the best prep work you can do is work on YOU to become the best mom you can become! Also create the environment so that it’s a place conducive to learning.

Of course! It only takes an hour a day, and you can go as fast or slow as you like!

The character training toolkit covers character traits and principles in a curriculum that is easy to implement in things you already are doing at home (or want to be!)  

The character training toolkit also complements the academic curriculum perfectly!  The principles in each unit of the toolkit are the same principles in the curriculum.  

They can be used alone, or in conjunction with each other. 

You can add the character training toolkit on at a discount when you checkout. 

Then you will LOVE the fact that you can homeschool in just an hour a day!  

And you can increase the order and the willingness of your kid when you join and activate the hero  journey membership.   

We are here to support you, and understand that homeschooling is so much more than curriculum!  

Once you purchase, you OWN the curriculum.  You have lifetime access.  

You get 3 months access to the Hero Journey Membership, which you can activate right away.  

Of course!   Watch the 5 minute overview video on this page, or click HERE to learn all about it!  

This is for moms who are tired of making their kids do traditional workbook curriculum, but find that unschooling is just too unstructured. It’s for moms who don’t want to just fill their kid’s brains with information, but want to raise kids who are independent learners.  

It is geared for grades K-6; however many families use it for ALL the kids, including the 3 year olds and teenagers. It’s very adaptable because it is principle-based and when you are looking for connections you can learn new things at any level.

The activities and books work best for elementary/middle school; high school students would use it as a jumping off point to learn more about the topics.

Year 1 curriculum consists of 1200+ pages of PDF curriculum. You can print it out, send to a printer, purchase the hard copy or just view the documents on a device.  You then will share the lessons with your kids. 

You also have access to the online resources which resources, and bonuses. The kids are mostly NOT online with this program, but there are some additional videos that you can choose to watch.

You OWN the curriculum when you purchase it, it is not a subscription.  

This program takes about an hour a day for family learning time. After that the kids would not stop learning! It really does only take about an hour a day because the kids are engaged and interested and not so much repetition is required.

Once you finish your family learning time, learning doesn’t stop. My kids will work on their individual skills that just take practice, such as typing, handwriting, math facts and so on. Learning doesn’t have to look like workbooks and textbooks! For children it also looks like play, games, reenactments, activities, work, projects, and so on.

For the rest of the day, create an environment of learning. That means that you allow the kids free time in which to learn and explore, provide the resources they need and boundaries to keep them safe. Often the kids will take ideas learned about in their BHA lessons and expand on that much longer than mom ends up participating.

This curriculum is aimed at ages 5-12; however, lots of families include their younger kids and the older kids join in too and still find a lot interesting because it’s principle-based, meaning you can find principles from any knowledge. The kids will all learn at whatever level they are on. (Which is how it works in real life!) Plus, all these topics just keep on repeating in middle school, high school, etc.

The idea is that this is a family foundational learning time. In addition to family time, kids will work on individual skills they need to develop when they are ready. Skills would be things like math facts, reading, handwriting, etc. If you wait until they can do these on their own, it doesn’t take much extra time from mom (exception: learning to read!)

In this year 1 curriculum, you’ll get an overview of the history of the world, life science, Number sense and why we have math, and learn about parts of speech and beginning writing.

Year 2 is complete, and year 3 is in development.  

Click HERE to see the 5 year overview.  

Once you finish year 5, you can start over again!  You’ll learn it all through different eyes because you’ll be in different space. 

One you’ve purchased year 1, you can purchase the other year bundles at a discount.  

We suggest that everyone start with year 1, because it gives the big picture of the world!  You may have studied some of the areas before, but that’s ok, you learn something new every time you repeat it.  

Absolutely! One of the things I always recommend is not worrying about what the standards say your kids should be doing, but rather to allow your children to grow at whatever pace they are on. You may need to supplement with other programs if needed, such as dyslexia helps, vision therapy, etc.

With the mom-to-mom guarantee you can get your money back for any reason, provided you haven’t downloaded any of the content! Just send us an email letting us know what didn’t work for you and your receipt and we will refund your money.   

You can find the print bundle in our shop at store.buildingheroesathome.com.  
Or, you can print the copies of the PDF curriculum if desired for your own home use – at home or at a print shop.  

Getting started is easy!

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Here’s everything that’s included and the how behind making sure you create a homeschool you love!



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