Family Style Homeschooling: Can It Work?

How does it work when you have kids on different levels?   What about grade levels?  

Surprisingly, it works really well!

One thing I really encourage homeschoolers to do is to family-style homeschool.  Take time every day to learn together as a family! But this is a totally different way of learning than most of us grew up with.  How can this even work? 

I get this question all the time:  How can family style school work when I have kids at all different levels?  

This is definitely a mindset shift.  I didn’t understand how this would work either until I actually tried it because I couldn’t even picture how it could possibly work when all my kids are different ages.  

But now that I’ve been doing it for so many years, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.  We love it!

Here’s what it looks like: we all sit down to learn together each morning for about an hour.  We will learn all about any topic in science, math, history, literature and more!

What happens next is that while I read aloud, the kids will each learn at whatever their current level is. My little kids will learn as little kids, and my older kids will learn at deeper levels.

Have you noticed that as a homeschool mom what you teach to your kids you learn at a totally different level than you did when you first learned about it?  That’s just how it should be!

I talk more about this in this video:

Start a family learning time and learn all together in your homeschool and see how awesome your homeschool becomes!  

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Molly Christensen

Molly Christensen is a joyful mother of 7 amazing children. She has founded multiple homeschool co-ops, written mounds of curriculum, taught classes to youth & adults. She loves teaching others a principle based method to educate and raise leaders in your home. She is passionate about sharing her love of learning and encouraging others on their journeys to greatness!

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