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The Homeschool Hero
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Let’s face it.  The homeschool journey can feel totally daunting.  Not only do you have to figure out how to provide a great education, but you’ve still gotta run the household.   Don’t even get me started on all the distractions…  and taking a break? Who got time for that?

See how I’ve been able to successfully homeschool 7 kids, run the household and still have time for me as I share with you my step-by-step roadmap on what is most important to focus on as you learn to homeschool the hero way. 

Get the HOMESCHOOL HERO SUCCESS ROADMAP dashboard and WALK-THROUGH VIDEOS to learn how navigate your journey while you homeschool the hero way! 

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Please note that I can’t guarantee results for your homeschool as there are many different factors, but I can provide a foundational framework that has worked for me in my home to be able to confidently homeschool amazing kids- and it’s simple enough that it can work for you in your homeschool too! 

You have this idea of what your ideal homeschool should be like...

You’ve seen those “perfect” homeschoolers that seem to have it all together.  And don’t get me started on pinterest…   

But…  REALITY doesn’t quite match up with the vision!


If only someone would just guide you step-by-step with a roadmap! 


The Homeschool Hero
Success Roadmap!

What if you had a roadmap for your homeschool adventure instead of living in chaos, wandering around, wondering if you’ll ever get it?  

With this step-by-step roadmap, I’ll guide you on your homeschool hero’s journey to success!  This Google sheets dashboard will give you the plan and guidance you need to be able to confidently homeschool as you unlock your super powers and build heroes in your home.  Learn the lessons and insights I had to learn the hard way! 


Learn to Homeschool the Hero Way!


Receive an email with access to the roadmap and video walkthrough


 Go on your journey as you move through the 3 phases and track your progress on the roadmap


Implement the knowledg & use the tools in your home as you learn to homeschool the hero way.

What's included?

Google Dashboard with all the steps

Video Walkthrough

Progress Tracker

Bonus FAQ videos & Resources

How does it work?


See the path you’re on, get clear on your education philosophy, make plans that will work and get really clear on what you want


Know where to focus and how to implement the most useful systems for your home and homeschool


Build confidence as you continue on the path, improving as you go and begin to see desired results as you enjoy the adventure!



Do it alone with a roadmap


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Can you relate?

When I first started homeschooling, I had no idea what I was doing.  I was wandering all over the place.
I felt like such a mess!

I seriously could NOT figure out how to pull it all together.   It was all just so overwhelming and I did not know what to focus on.  

When I learned about the hero’s journey, I thought it was cool.  But when I APPLIED the hero’s journey to my life & homeschool
it made ALL the difference!  

And that’s how I came up with Homeschool the Hero way method!  

I discovered...

As I've Homeschooled the Hero Way, I’ve been able to:

We LOVE our homeschool and I now have 5 of 7 kids launched into the real world, and they are all thriving!

Go from feeling overwhelmed, spinning your wheels ➤➤➤
to feeling confident and loving your homeschool days

Stop nagging your kids to do chores and homeschool ➤➤➤
and start inspiring and connecting with your kids

Stop trying to do it all on your own ➤➤➤
get support, accountability, and guidance
in our amazing members-only community.

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