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Homeschooling can definitely have some bumps along the way.  At times it can feel like an all-out chaotic mess!  

You sit down to homeschool the complaining kids so you’ve gotta be the taskmaster all day.  

Of course the house isn’t just cleaning itself, and it’s actually MESSIER because the kids are home all.day.long.  (Wanting food too.)   

It’s frustrating because everything seems to take so long, and you can’t seem to get all the things done, and you never have time for yourself!

I get it.  But I also figured out the secret to getting it all done.

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Have you ever wondered if
you are failing your kids?

If you have, you are certainly not alone!   ALL homeschool moms wonder if they’re doing enough. 

I totally understand.  When I first started homeschooling, it was taking us all day long, my home was a serious disaster, and we ended up in tears way too often. 

It’s not an easy thing to transition into homeschooling!  Mostly because no one ever taught you how.   

I struggled for many long years.  I knew I was suppose to homeschool, but boy did I worry that I was totally messing the kids up, despite all my best efforts that kept failing one after another.   

I was determined to figure it out.   And I did finally get to the point where I learned that I could BALANCE HOMESCHOOL while RUNNING THE HOUSEHOLD and NOT GO TOO CRAZY.   Plus I did this with 7 kids, while running a business, and I decidedly was NOT born organized!  

That’s the good news.  If I can do this, there is definitely hope for you!   Plus you’ll be able to figure it out a lot faster than I did, when you know the right principles and patterns of the why and how.   

How to Get Everything Done!

Homeschool AND Clean the House AND Stay Sane! 

Once I discovered the principles and patterns and made a few key changes,homeschool life got so much easier! 

Finally life was more manageable! 

And you can learn how too. 

You will learn:

How NOT to homeschool so you don’t put yourself on the fast track to burnout.

The pattern that changes everything, and how to simply apply it.

How to manage running your home, homeschool and make time for you!


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Let’s Get Everything
(*Important) Done! 
Digital Bundle

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