Favorite Resources for Homeschool Moms

I get asked a LOT about what I recommend for homeschooling!   I’ve put together this list of tools just for you.   It’s my policy to only recommend products I either use myself – or I’ve tried, tested and believe in because I know the amazing people behind them, and I can recommend it with complete confidence!

Of course this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything, just some of my faves! 

Some of these links are affiliate links, if you decide to purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, and it doesn’t make it more expensive for you either.  

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Note that I have lots more recommendations for books & games within the Building Heroes Academy curriculum too. 

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SERIOUS LEARNING ACADEMY.  If you have kids who are struggling to read, get a FREE assessment from Dr. Eldon McMurray!  He’s the reading coach that helped my youngest finally learn to read after finding she has vision tracking issues.  All is done on Zoom, and he’s very reasonably priced!

SPEAK, FEED, LEAD PROJECT. Virtual public speaking / communication courses for your kids starting in 4th grade!  Not only will your kids learn to express themselves, but they’ll also learn leadership and service skills.  I love the premise of this company and the mission of the founder, Jackie Bailey!  


LIFE OF FRED.  Follow the zany adventures of Fred, a mathematics genius who begins teaching as a professor of math when he’s just 5!   Kids really enjoy these stories, and it makes kids THINK mathematically.   You can use this as a read aloud, and then it’s fun to buy digital boogie boards for the kids to write their answers on.  Or older kids can do these on their own.  

ELEPHANT LEARNING.   We don’t do a lot of online learning, often they’re more game than learning!   I like this program because the kids learn how to solve problems and think and I can easily see progress.  Kids like it because it only takes 10 min a day and they love seeing their elephant get older.  Be sure to apply for a scholarship, even if you don’t think you’ll qualify!   If your kids are used to video games, they may find this program a little underwhelming.   

SINGAPORE MATH.   One of the best programs for teaching kids to problem solve.   More info coming soon… 


BUILDING HEROES ACADEMIC CURRICLUM. Not only does this include family-style, principle/character based science and math but it also has math and language arts too!   You can buy the units individually in our STORE, or you can purchase the deluxe package with everything you need plus a year of support! 


THE CHARACTER TRAINING TOOLKIT.  Includes a complete 1 year curriculum to teach your kids good character traits doing things you already do!  Coordinates with Buiding Heroes Academy Homeschool / Leadership curriculum.  

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR KIDS.  A curriculum to help you teach your kids how to manage their big emotions!   COMING SOON… 


THE HANDS ON HOMESCHOOL.   This is a virtual co-op that has on-demand lessons for Music, Art, PE and STEM!   And they aren’t boring lecture classes either, they’re all hands on and movement based.  Such a great way to fit in some of these extras you may not get around to doing. 

HOMESCHOOL SPANISH WITH SENORA MORATO. You’re going to LOVE Sra Morato as she teaches spanish to your kids in short, interactive videos and also provides extra practice with online flashcards and games.  You start off speaking in sentences while learning from a native speaker!


HOW TO GET EVERYTHING DONE.   Grab my book on how I find balance between homeschooling, keep the house clean and staying sane!  All with 7 kids!   Digital bundle or hardcopy available.

THE HERO JOURNEY MEMBERSHIP.   Our monthly membership to help you make progress in creating a strong foundation in your home, so you can build heroes in your home.  Get 1 year free when you purchase the Building Heroes Academy Curriculum, or you can go month to month.  You get a great community of support, me as your homeschool mentor, and a very doable monthly challenge!

SMART CHORES SYSTEM FOR SMART KIDS.   This course is created by a homeschooling mom of 10, Ashley Buffa!   Even though I’ve been doing this for a while, I learned a lot and got some good ideas to implement in my home, and she has some great resources to help you with your home systems!

TEACHING SELF GOVERNMENT.   When I was a younger mom, I struggled mightily with structure and getting the kids to do things!   This program really helped me learn how to be a calm parent and how to train my kids.  Nicholeen Peck fostered difficult children and had 4 kids of her own, and she really knows her stuff.   


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HOMESCHOOL CEO SOCIETY.  This is my favorite place for connecting with other moms who homeschool AND run a business.  Not only do you get community support, trainings but you also get help and coaching from the other members and the amazing Jen Myers!  

90 DAY VA.   Homeschool keeps ya busy, but sometimes you also need a way to bring in a little extra income while working from home.   A great way is to become a Virtual Assistant, because you can choose your own working hours, and with this course, you can learn the skills in just 90 days!   (I actually bought this for my teens to make money with!)   


ONLINE HOMESCHOOL MOM.  This is a great site full of homeschool information, and especially nice if you’re looking for online classes or educational podcasts!   Sometimes you do need a little extra schooling options for the kids! 


A WARRIOR EDUCATION.  My good friend Karen created this program to help empower kids (and parents) to hear their calls to action and to act on them.  It’s all based on creating daily habits, and is an awesome addition to helping you build heroes in your home!   We participate in the Find Your Path Academy that uses the warrior education program.    

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